Blocking a cotton/acrylic blend

I have just completed a baby raglan jacket using the Wee-One welcome set pattern by KnittingAtNoon using Wildflower D.K. yarn as suggested for the pattern. This yarn in 51% cotton and 49% acrylic. The “finishing” directions include blocking. I didn’t think it was possible to block a cotton/acrylic blend. Any ideas on how I am supposed to do this?

If you like the way it looks, don’t bother blocking it. Is the yarn machine washable?

Yes, the yarn is machine washable. I am wondering if my seams would lie flatter (and look better) if I did block the piece. Should I use a damp towel and an iron?

I’m honestly not sure what the iron would do, but I think it would be ok under a towel.

You hold an iron a few inches above the garment and let the steam come out of the iron. It flattens the garment without burning the yarn!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve done numerous sweaters in cotton/acr blend and found I didn’t need to block those (as pieces) but when doing scarves it helped to do the steam block method (I use a pressing cloth).