Blocking a blend

My set of Fetching gloves is about to be completed. I’m literally 4 rows, a bind off and a thumb away from actually having a pair of something finished. However, it’s going to need some blocking.

When I originally asked about blocking, I was given a few links and one of them was very helpful when it came to blocking different types of fibers. However, it had one blocking method for acrylic, and a separate for wool, and then other methods for natural blends, but not acrylic / wool blends.

The yarn I’m using is 75% acrylic, 25% wool. It’s soft and I totally love the way it knit up. I know I’ll need to get some type of pinning instrument and I know how to “make” a blocking board. I don’t have an iron (my heart gives a small squee of joy at this) so I can’t steam block my project. So, should I get it wet, gently squeeze out the excess water, and pin it into shape, letting it dry in the desired format…or is there a better way?

When I make things with Encore, which is the same blend, I give them a wash in the machine on gentle and a low-heat dry. Things even out nicely.