Blocked sweater and now it is bigger!


so, the sweater I designed for myself that I had mentioned in my other post… well, I finished it, I washed it and lied it out flat to dry but ! the wool I used (donegal chunky tweed) was really heavy, and now it is quite a bit longer than it was before, even the sleeves! Is there any way to undo this? I.e. soak it again and then lay it out and kind of pull it to size or I don’t know what. (I am asking before experimenting because I am afraid it might stretch some more…)
Again, any help is hugely appreciated!


I think you can reblock it and try to get it to the correct dimensions.

You can sure try. Give it lots of TLC while it is in the water and when you lift any part of it out of the water give it a lot of support and don’t let it hang and stretch. Take it out carefully, squeezing and supporting, then roll it in a towel. Now lay it out and try to scrunch it up and encourage it to get smaller. I don’t think you are likely to make it any worse, although it might not help either. Good luck.

it does ultimately depenf on the wool.
But I would try it, fore sure.

One of the problems is, lifting a heavy item out of the water (even heavier) and carrying it to position. Lift it all in a tangle, grab underneath. Do not pull on anything. Before in the water: bunch it together, make it form a ball without force.

Now lay it out (it will be very wet, careful) on a towl. I think I would place it in the bathtub to start with (or maybe my basement floor with a drain.

You can obviously not leave it lying there all wet forever, but whenever you reposition it to a fresh towl, be careful not to stretch it. Once done… don’t get it dirty because this awaits you (more or less) when washing.

I had a wonderful pullover as a kid (I think it was handknit) and after drying on a hanger for some never-discovered reason it was not only almost a dress, I also had boxy ugly shoulders. The weight of wool pulls a lot on the piece.

Good luck.

PS: currently wearing a jacket that I did overblock in length by a good bit. I am happy with the length, though, just not with how much tighter it got around the front. :aww: :wink: