Blocked blanket?

I am a beginner… I just learned to knit 2 weeks ago. :slight_smile: I would like to knit a blocked baby blanket for our new arrival due April 28th. What I don’t understand is how to piece all the blocks together? I have my first block done. I’ve found videos to show me how to add another colored block to one side. But, all I’d be able to do is keep adding a color and go horizontally and have a big long scarf-shaped thing. How do I go down? My goal is to have a pattern as below (each letter represents a color):


I appreciate any help you can give me!

Jennie :slight_smile:

You could knit strips and seam the strips together when all the strips are made. It’d be like seaming several scarves together.

For example, you could make five 7"x35" “scarves” and seam them together to make a 35"x35" blanket. So for one strip, you could CO w/ color B and knit for 5", then change color to Y, knit for 5" … change back to B for 5" and continue to change back and forth.

Then for strip #2, CO w/ color P and knit for 5", change to G and knit for 5", then continue changing until the strip is 35" (or as long/short as you want it).

Once you finish as many strips as you want, then seam them together. I think Amy has a video on seaming too. :thumbsup:

I hope that helps!