Block Scarf With Tassels

Here is the pattern I (plan) on using…


I’m hoping to get it done by mid September. Be honest, am I fooling myself? I’ve never knitted in my life, but I really want to make my sister a Hogwart’s scarf before her birthday.

If there’s an easier pattern, please let me know. But I want to knit in the round so that there is no ‘bad’ side. Any help will be appreciated.

Also, that is for simply a block scarf. If any one knows a pattern that’ll make a scarf like this:

I’d be eternally grateful!

It certainly seems pretty straightforward to me. Just knitting and changing colors. Whether or not you can get it done in time is dependent on how much time you plan to spend knitting. It will take twice as long as a one-sided scarf, but as you said–no ‘messy’ side.

I must have been typing the last answer when you posted your pic. The one in the pic could be done in the round, too. Just change colors when you want to add the stripe. You could do it flat, but there will be a definite ‘wrong’ side.

That’s the pattern I’m going to use. It’s a simple scarf in the round. I believe that the Atypically Knit page has directions for the small striped scarf also. I’ll see if I can find it.

Okay, here you go:

:smiley: Thanks so much! This pattern can be done with a circular needle too, right? I read it over, but it didn’t say under materials…

EDIT: nevermind…I just now found it. :oops: …thanks again!