block or what knitted sweater

sweater knit finished maylore Euro baby yarn. yarn broke pulled apart while knitting, now it is hairy or not smooth. does anyone know about this yarn? Should I soak it? I blocked it with sprinkles of cold water. no help for it. thanks Mary

I don’t see the yarn listed. Can you tell us more? What fiber is the yarn?

What happened when the yarn broke? Did you cut and weave the ends in when you started knitting again? You should be able to soak most yarns just don’t agitate it in case it is a feltable yarn. Then roll it in a towel and lay flat to size. Some yarns just get fuzzy so I’m not sure. If you can post a picture of the sweater (not too close) so we can see it it might help.

I had an alpaca yarn that fuzzed from my fingers. I felted it a tiny bit so it wouldn’t be hairy.

But since that is polyester yarn I don’t think there’s anything you can do after its knit except let it pill and cut them off.

I assume it’s a typo and this.

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Thanks @Mike. Since it’s polyester it’s likely you can wash in the machine and maybe even dryer on low. If you try it I’d put it in a laundry bag. You could make a swatch and try that first. It may help, but pilling just happens with some yarns.

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