Block or seam first


it is indeed a momentous day, as i’ve just finished knitting all the pieces of the sweater that i’ve been knitting for months! i thank everyone for their help!

i’m now supposed to commence the dreaded seaming. some folks tell me to block all the individual pieces first. is this true? does it really help? i’m just so anxious to be done with this project that i don’t really want to block it first before seaming, but if that’s really what i must do, so be it.

what say you, knitters?

best sunday to all,

Depends on what yarn I am using and what type of sweater I’m making,if it’s an adult size or kids size.Some people say it’s easier to seam if you block first ,others don’t bother blocking.Personal preference more then anything.

I agree with momwolf. Sometimes the act of seaming seems to provide its own ‘blocking,’ of sorts, whereas other times blocking up front is a must.


I always block first, no matter what. For one thing, blocking amazingly “polishes” and “perfects” the stitches. It makes all the difference in the world IMHO.