Block acrylic

Hello everyone,

I am making a baby sweater its made of acrylic I wanted to know if I should block the sweater so that it will lay flat. The sides of the sweater is rolling in.

I read that acrylic does not block. Can anyone assist me with this?

Thanks advance

If you are talking about the sides of the sweater before you sew them together, you don’t need to worry about that curling there. The seams will take all the curl out. Acrylic doesn’t block like wool, but you can wet the sweater by immersion or spraying after it is all done and pat it a bit and I have found that makes some things look a little nicer. :slight_smile:

Acrylic doesn’t block, but a wash and dry will even out the sts when you’re done. Merigold is correct, seaming the pieces together will keep the edges from rolling.