Blink - how do I do these abbreviations?


it says " in st, insert left needle behind veritcal strand between the 2 new sts, k this, makes 2 new sts."

what? :??

is this an increase to make 3 stitches from one? am I knitting front and back, and attempting to create one more stitch in that?


I think this is the same idea - 3 sts out of one. this one knits more simply than my idea of what k1tbl,k1 does.

can anyone tell me how these work?

Can you give the direction before the ktbl,k1? If you’ve already done a kfb and made two out of one, it’s possible that you pull a stitch from between those two stitches. That’s what it sounds like, but seeing the instructions before and after will make it clearer–don’t want to steer you in the wrong direction.

The p1, yo, p1 would make 3 out of one if it’s done in the same stitch.

oh, thanks.

well, I’m working on the Durrow sweater. I’ve got the back knitted, and so now I’m doing a sleeve.

I’m reading a chart for the set up rows. it’s this symbol in row 3 that’s the k1tbl,k1 that looks like |/ on the chart.

on row four, the symbol that’s '/ means p1,yo,p1.
they both take up three squares on the chart. i know for doing lace charts that /|\ in one square would be a centered double decrease, so I’m thinking that these symbols represent a centered double increase. did I just out-clever myself?

Okay, so you are going to be (ktbl, k1) into the same stitch. Ktbl, then before slipping the original stitch off the left needle, knit the same stitch through the front loop, now slip the original stitch off the left needle. THEN, take your left needle and insert it into the vertical strand between the two new stitches, which are now on your right needle. Lift this strand onto your left needle and knit it. You have now increase 2 stitches.

(P1,yo,P1) ~ you’re right, this is kind of the same idea. Purl 1 stitch, don’t slip the original stitch off the left needle, wrap the yarn around the right needle to make a yo, then purl the same stitch again. Now slip the original stitch off the left needle. Again, two stitches have been increased.