Blending colors pic

ok i found the pic that i was talking about… i had the colors wrong but you get the point… how do you get them to blend like this cause someone asked her in this thread and she didn’t answer… :rollseyes:

~Ingrid~ do you think she did this like you suggested?

She said she dyed 4 different colors:

I used lamb’s pride, in an off white color that I dyed those 4 colors with koolaid.

However, you can blend colors like this by doing a stranded or fair isle method. :slight_smile:

AHHH i don’t know how 2 do that!!! yeah i know she dyed 4 different colors… one skein 4 colors?

She dyed 5 different skeins. :wink:

maybe i am not seeing it right but they just look like stripes to me. looks like she just happened to get them to dye into sunset colors that just seem to blend into each other fairly well. i could be wrong but there doesn’t look to be any fancy knitting going on there. the colors are gorgeous though!!

thats what i thought. i knew i could still read! so it looks like strips to ya’ll? ok. oh well… my kool aid didn’t come out that bright!

well i would guess it is kinda like dying easter eggs…the longer it is in the water the darker it will get? i haven’t done it though so i don’t know that for sure…

i think it is more about how many packets in the water. cause the yarn soaks up all the color. so if you were to leave it in the water it wouldn’t have anymore color to soak up. i left mine in till all the color was gone.

Hi koolbreeze:

As far as I can tell, if you read further down she says: I used different combinations of cherry, orange, and pineapple koolaid, mixing together and testing the colors on scrap yarn until the shades were right in relation to each other. Then I dyed each of the 5 skeins separately.


One way to get colors to blend from one to the next is to use a double strand… knit with 2 strand of the same color, then cut one strand and add a second color, and knit with 2 strands–1 of each color–for a few rows, then cut the old color, and add the second new one. I’ve done this with lamb’s pride for some felting swatches and they turned out really well (i’ll post a pic if I can find one of the swatches!) I don’t think that shapely tank is knit with 2 strands though… but you could do it thatway, just use skinnier yarn… that tank os on my 5 mile long to do list. :rollseyes:

hmmm… i thought of this 2, but will that work with wool? plus i don’t know how 2 go about it… 2 strands… do u mean 2 skeins going at 1 time? duh i know, but i want to make sure i understand. :doh:

there’s a technique called ‘graduated dyeing’ …just got the book so don’t know all of the details, but this tech. goes from quite dark to quite light…unlike this subtle change…of which I love :heart: :heart:

what book is that??? :wink:

It’s called ‘Yarns to Dye for’ and you can look thru a few pages here, @ KP
You are taught how to dye self striping yarn and all sorts of goodies, but I got it bc I really like the graduated color changes and this is really simple to do!!