Blarney stone cardigan by lion brand

i have started this sweater up until where it states to bind off…Which isthe right sleeve up until the right front…Then the next part of the pattern which is the left front and the pattern states to cast on 41 stitches…Where do i cast on those stitches at im confused…Please help

The 41sts are cast on separately and aren’t attached to anything yet. You’ll cast on 41sts as if you were starting a project and follow the directions for the left front, then put the left front on hold until you knit up the back to the point where the left front will attach (see the second set of directions under Back where it says Joining rows).
This is such a cute pattern. I’ve added to my to-do list.

Ok sorry to keep bothering you…Now I’m at the part where I have to put the back stitches back on the knitting needles and have to knit the first row, but how am I to knit the row if no yarn is connected…do I have to connect new yarn…I’m still a little confused…please help

Questions are always welcome.
Probably the best thing to do is to follow the pattern recommendation to knit across the sts of the left front (the joining row). To do this you’ll start a new end of yarn.