I am knitting my brother a blanket for his high school graduation. I stupidly started without measuring and am now at 15 feet long. I am about 33 rows down and am wondering if I could start reducing one stitch on each row? Would this look bad?? Is there another way I can make this easier on me besides restarting??

You mean it’s 15 ft wide? Like you cast on too many stitches? If you start decreasing now it will make the blanket and odd shape and it won’t be rectangular or square. Really the only way to correct that is to start over. If it’s about twice as wide as you want cast on half or so.

After putting in so many hours the cord on my needles broke and lost the whole thing anyway. It was definitely a blessing but I also cried for a while too. Thank you for the help.

Ugh. So sorry, that’s awful!