Blanket/throw with border

I’m planning on knitting a blanket/throw in moss stitch in one solid colour. However, I want to add an approx 3-4cm border around and I’m not sure how to do this in knitting. Do I start with the border or do the blanket first then pick up stitches in my alternate colour for the border? Or do I have to crochet the border instead?


You could do any of the methods that you suggest.
If you knit in the border, yes, start with the border for as many rows as you’d like and then continue the border sts up each side. If you’re using a different color for the border you need two balls of yarn, one at each side and you need to twist the yarns when you change color to avoid holes.

You can also pick up sts on the finished blanket and knit a border or you could crochet one.