Blanket (needle size) question

I’m making my first blanket, made out of sewn together squares. The needle size calls for 10, but dang are they small! It’s going to take forever. Can I sub size 15 needles or would the weave be so large that the blanket wouldn’t be warm? Thanks!

Or size 13? Anything but these teeny tiny tens!

It’s hard to tell. Knit up a swatch and see. Or you could double the yarn, use the 15’s and it would realllllly go fast!

I hate swatches :smiley: I did one for the 15, not happy with it, I’m going to try 13 next.

Ok, it looks really good doubling the yarn and using the size 15 needles, however, am I using twice the yarn? Kinda a dumb question, but if you use a bigger needles on a project are you using less yarn? If I am using twice as much I’m going to have to go with a cheaper yarn, I have $30 worth into it as it is.

You’ll be doubling the strands, but your blanket will get bigger faster. I’m not sure if you’ll have to do half the stitches to get the same size or not. I suppose you could check the gauge of the pattern compared to the gauge you’re getting on the doubled yarn and big needles and see? Sorry, I don’t really know how to compute this. :??

I’m pretty sure that you won’t use twice the yarn. I would go as far as I could and see if it’s big enough, but that decisions up to you.

Confusing, you’re right. I guess just go for it and I can always scrap it later. Everything would work out better if I just used those darn 10s, but I just don’t have the patients just yet. Not for something this big :rollseyes: