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Hi I’m jill and new to the group, my friend has asked me to knit a blanket of squares 68” x 58” with super chunky wool. Could anyone help work out how much wool I would need, also what size squares please?


Hi there!!!

Welcome to Knitting Help!! You’ve asked a couple of questions that depend on what your friend wants/likes!! Thr size of the squares depends on what your friend likes. Me personally, I don’t like to sew lots of seams, so I would make the afghan out of 6 HUGE squares and put them in 3 rows of 2 each. But that’s me.

Find out what kind of pattern your friend wants and what size squares too!!


Hi, thanks for your reply she wants something like this :roll_eyes:


OK. At least now you have some idea of what she wants!

Anyway, I tried to find a pattern for that afghan and they did have a video on how to make the squares and how to sew them together. But there was nothing on how much wool was used. :cry: What u will probably have to do is find some wool that she likes and buy a couple of skeins. Then make these squares using that yarn. After u figure out how many squares u get from 1 skein, you will need to figure out how many squares u will need. THEN u can multiply how many squares from 1 skein times the number of squares u need.
I think that will tell u how many skeins to buy!! That will change, depending on how many colors she wants!! It’s kind of hit-or-miss with this!!!

There’s really nothing specific that tells u how much wool for this size afghan. It’s trial and error.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for your advice, I had thought of that, but thought there must be an easier way! Lol as I’m not too good at maths :joy:

Thanks again



That’s why I wanted to find a pattern for it!! I thought maybe it could tell us how much yarn to buy for each color.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! I still recommend making your squares much larger so u don’t have as many seams to sew up!!



I quite agree! Lol


Ask her about the yarn type also. Bulky #6 wool is expensive. Perhaps Lion Brand Woolease bulky would be more cost effective. Another good acrylic alternative would be Lion brand Homespun. Wool shrinks and the blanket would need to be hand washed, which most people don’t have the time to do. I suggest checking the label for something that’s machine washable, which the ones I suggested are.


Yes, the yarn used in that picture/video is VERY expensive.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Lion Brand Hometown USA
Are less expensive. You will want to look for yarns with a “6” thickness icon.

Or u can use 2 strands together of a thinner yarn.



Great advice thank you again :blush:


Hi there

I found a video on YouTube by Good Knit Kisses that is just like this. It gives you a list of materials and so on. It’s called How to Knit A Blanket in Bernat Softer Chunky. Sorry I don’t know how to list the video here.


I watched that video and it’s GREAT!!! Look up “How to Knit a blanket in Bernat Softee Chunky”. The host in the video tells you how many skeins of each color to buy and how to sew the squares together.

This yarn isn’t as thick as the one in your picture, but it will give u an idea of the “ballpark” amounts of yarn needed.



That’s great thank you I shall take a look