Blanket Ideas


First off, big thanks to SalmonMac who really helped me understand the chevron section of this blanket!

I am one row of finishing so wanted to share how it’s turned out. I like it but I do think it could have done with one more block of the chevron pattern. However, I don’t think it is quite big enough. I’ve finished the pattern but was thinking of adding another block on but I am not sure what to do with it. So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas?

I thought of just solid blue with a nice knitted pattern? Or maybe just a border?


This has turned out so nice!! What a great job! What is the name of this pattern? I’d like to make one too!!



You can most definitely add another section of either color for a larger blanket. You could also tie everything together by knitting or crocheting a border around the blanket once you are done with the body of the blanket. Beautiful job on the blanket so far!


Oh, you’ve worked this blanket so beautifully! The colors are wonderful, bright and cheery. I agree MK_er on both the extra band of the stripe and the border. Great idea.


Thank you. I always get that thing at the end of a project where you can see all the mistakes you make so its good to hear people like it!

The pattern is from a magazine called Better Homes and Gardens here in Australia, the April 2019 edition. I am not sure on the copyright so not sure I can share it on here otherwise I’d be glad to! If you do find the pattern be warned, I don’t think the Chevron pattern was written out properly in either the text or the grid but I’d be happy to let you know what I did in the end (with SalmonMac’s help!).

I think I might do another block of blue then with perhaps a check pattern to the stitch to give it some texture. Crocheting isn’t something I have done much of so I will do this first then the border!

Thanks for all the help guys.