Blanket how to

I would like to make a blanket but I dont know what kind and what size for the needles and how much i should cast on for a average blanket. ps im a beginner. i think ur suppose to u circular needled and if u do how long does the plastice line need to be?cloud9 :yay:

Usually the yarn’s band or label will give a recommended needle size, and that’s usually a good place to start.

If you are making a blanket, then a circular needle usually is better because you won’t have all the weight of your work on one needle and you can fit more stitches on it. How long the needle should be would depend on the size of your blanket. Do you want to make a baby blanket or a bigger one?

i wont to make a average sized blanket and i wont to make a easy blanket with no pattern i proulby use self stripeing yarn but i need to knw how long and what size the needles should be and how much to cast on

Ok the best thing to do would be to look and see what yarn you want to use first. find a yan that you like and using the size needles recomended on the yarn band do a gauge swatch. You can then use the info from the gauge swatch to decide how many stitches to cast on.
Doing the gauge swatch will also help you decide on the needle size. The size given on the yarn packagin is normally close to what you want, but you might find that the swatch is pariculary loose (in whih case small needles would be better) or tight (in which case larger needles would be better.

Then length of the circular needles will depend on how many sttches you need to cast on but i would say a 20" needle would probably do, since the stitches bunch up a lot.

There is more info about gauge swatches and how you can calculate things from it in my blog (link in my signature).

Here’s some information also on how to estimate how much yarn you will need.

Good luck with your blanket and happy knitting! I think you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for replying for fast i will use your advice.

thank you for being understanding i am totaly new at knitting infact the only stitch i can do is the knit stitch and long tailed cast on

If you can do those things, you should be good to go! Post here again if you get stuck. :slight_smile:

i found circular needles at walmart website size 11, 15,

size 11 and 36 in size 15 36 in and size 15 at 16 in

and size 13 at 36 in

and one other thing when makeing a blanket do u only need one pair on circular needles at the same time

You just need one circular needle to make your blanket. You just cast on like you would for straight knitting, and then when you get to the end of the row, you turn your work over and knit across again. I didn’t see a video on this site, but there is one here:

(Don’t worry so much about the stitch she is doing, just watch for how she turns the work around to knit the next row.)

36 inch is probably a good size if you want to make a regular afghan. I wouldn’t get the size 15 though, because that is pretty big, and I think for most beginners, large needles can actually be kind of awkward. The 11s are fairly good sized too, but should be easier to handle.

If you do go with the size 11 needle, you should look for chunky weight yarn because worsted weight will be a bit on the thin size to use with those needles.

One more recommendation–when you buy your yarn, try to find something that looks fairly “smooth”. I don’t recommend you buy any really bumpy, fuzzy or novelty yarns, like Fun Fur, because they are a lot harder to work with and can be very frustrating for a new knitter. Heck, I’ve been knitting for awhile and they frustrate me!

Have fun!

i was making a scarf and i accidently used the tail and i had to start all over again is this common or am i dumb??? :frowning:

Don’t worry, it’s [I]very[/I] common. I still do that once in a while! One thing I’ve done to prevent it is to gather my tail into a couple of loops and tie a piece of yarn around them loosely. But don’t worry, just undo your work and try again. You can do it! :slight_smile: