Blanket help

So I’ve been working on this really nice blanket, and I want to know the best way to sew in the yarn tails, from where I switch colors and changed yarn, that will hold up throughout time. This is what the blanket looks like.
It’s a standard throw blanket size. I generally know how I’m supposed to sew the tails in, but I feel like the way that I normally do it won’t hold up for long on this blanket. Can someone please give me some suggestions?

Wow, the blanket looks terrific!
I don’t use this method because I prefer to go up and down or diagonally but it might be good with the thin stripes and would work with the wider ones also.

But even with the methods that she’s suggesting on the site it says to cut off the yarn after it’s been woven in, and leave a short tail. Would that not find a way to come unraveled? I feel like it needs to be tied in somewhere. I’m just really concerned because the person that I’m giving the blanket to might not be too gentle with it…

if you weave in for several stitches in one direction and then go back several sts in the opposite direction the tail won’t pull out. It may poke through to the front but that’s the worst I’ve ever seen happen.
Is the blanket wool or an acrylic?

It’s all wool.

One of the advantages of wool is that the fibers tend to catch onto each other and lock in the ends. It’s not perfect. I’ve infrequently had ends poke through to the other side but never more than that.
You can split the fibers as you weave in the ends by going into a few plies of a stitch rather than completely through an entire loop. You can also head back over some of the same yarn that you’re using to weave in the ends. That’ll also help lock in the weaving.

Where can I find your blanket pattern? It is so pretty!