Blanket help

I made this hat with variegated yarn. It turned out beautiful! I really like how the cables are, and I would like to make a blanket with the same type of cable stitch. Does anyone have a blanket pattern or know how I can modify this to be a blanket?- I have never written or adapted a pattern, so I don’t know how). Any suggestions? :knitting:

It’s hard to tell from the picture just how the cables look but maybe this would be close. I didn’t d/l the pattern so I’ve not had a good look. Cozy Cables Blanket
Ravelry search forfree knit cable blanket

i hope somebody else checks this thread to double-check my thought here…

the hat is already worked flat, the way a blanket would be. the cabling pattern is rows 1-21 of the pattern (minus the 3 rows of stocking stitch at the end). and that’s with a starting count of 87 stitches.

for a blanket using bulky yarn, you’d probably want double that for a cast-on… and then you could follow the pattern row by row.

you’d also want some kind of edging, like a few inches of garter stitch. same with the sides, because otherwise it all rolls over and/or caves in on you, and doesn’t retain a nice rectanglular blanket shape.

but here’s the problem - i’m not sure if those extra k1s and p1s at the beginning and end of the rows are just for seaming the final product, or if they’re part of the cabling pattern. so somebody with more cabling experience would need to check the math and the pattern would need slight reworking.

but yes, it’s possible, and it’d make a nice comfy blanket.

Yes, X that’ll work. Start with a multiple of 87sts (the number of sts after the ribbing and the increase row), depending on how wide you want the blanket to be. Add on border sts at each side, maybe 5sts on each side. You could also add on an extra purl stitch at the end of the row so that the first row looks like this:
5 border sts, p1, p1 C8F, C8B p2, 5 border sts.
Start with some rows of border in garter stitch or seed stitch and then the row above to set the placement of the pattern.
You could also repeat the part between the asterisks as often as you need to get the width you want.