Blanket help

So now that I have practiced some I really love knitting(I can’t believe how freaked out I was the other night whenI couldn’t get my fingers to work). So I want to make a blanket for my friends baby and have some questions

What size needles are best for a baby blanket?

What is the best yarn for a newbie to use for this blanket?

I am sure I have more questions but these are a start.


The needle size will be determined by the type of yarn you choose. Yarn for a baby blanket should be soft and washable.

Here’s a few ideas to check out.
Bernat Softee Baby Bernat also makes other baby yarns including a self striping yarn.
Red Heart Soft and Red Heart Soft Baby Yeah, I know I said Red Heart, but this stuff is SOFT!! My Stepmom made me an afghan with it and I love it!

If you do a search of the forum for baby blankets you’ll get a bunch of recent threads asking about patterns for baby blankets, too.

The blanket should be made out of something easily machine washed and dried, hence the suggestions for acrylics… You won’t believe what sorts of body fluids babies can emit!