Blanket help


My mum knitted me a blanket a few years back. My girlfriend loves it so for Christmas I thought I would knit her one. However things seem to have gone a bit wrong…

The blanket is made up of several squares crocheted together. The pattern for each square is 32 knit, 32 purl with two balls of superchunky wool and 10mm needles. I used the same brand wool as my mum but my first square is decidedly rectangular!

Is it just different tension that has caused this? I am confused because it is somehow longer… I would have thought tighter tension would shrink the square in all directions.


Did you use both balls of wool fully?

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Lovely blankets. It does look like there’s a difference in tension with the white squares at a tighter tension (more sts per inch). You can confirm this by counting sts over 4 inches.
It looks like you could work with fewer sts cast on, maybe 26 knits and 26 purls for each block in the yellow/green mix. Alternatively you could make a larger blanket or work with fewer squares.
Very nice knitting in any case.

Hi Evie, Salmonmac, thanks for the replies!

We did both use two full balls. I was thinking of maybe carrying with the same pattern and if the next square comes out as a rectangle I can do vertical stripes, maybe 2 rectangles by 2, it is only supposed to be a single blanket.

I will do the 4inch count when I get home.

Thanks for the help!

What do you mean by 32 knits and 32 purls. Is it a total of 64 rows? How many are cast on?

I cast on 64 and then knit 32 and purled 32 on the first ball and vice versa on the second ball to make the quarters pattern.


Ohhhhh!! Now I see what I’m looking at. It looked like a much narrower rectangle in the picture. So it looks to me like you could cast on less or just knit a few extra rows of knits/purls till it’s square. If you’re planning on blocking each square might shape up just fine as it is, too. It always scrunches up before it’s been washed/blocked.