Blanket help--trying to avoid DISASTER!

I started a blanket and thought I had enough yarn to finish. I didn’t :frowning: So now I am 3/4 way through with it and there is no more yarn this style in any of the stores in my area. Trust me I have been to all of them. It is a simple corner to corner diagonal blanket. I have a solid color that I can finish it off with, but I would like to redo the beginning with the same solid so there are two purple corners with the original speckled color in the middle. However I have no clue how to redo the beginning without unravelling the entire thing! Is there a way to connect my “new” corner to my old work? Is there a way to unravel from the beginning of the work or would I need to make a cut in the middle? I AM SO CONFUSED and sad about this blanket. If anyone can help me I would be grateful for the rest of my life–and so will the baby with a cute blanket, not an ugly mess :slight_smile:


You may be able to undo the cast on and the beginning rows, then add the other color and knit backwards, decreasing instead of increasing. Try this first on a sample to see how it works. If it doesn’t unravel easily, then yes, you’d have to cut a stitch to detach the start of it and knit back to the corner.

Here’s a video for changing the length of a knit item that may help with your blanket. I’ve used the technique before on sweaters and it works very well.
Before performing surgery, have you also tried stores online for the yarn that you need? What about someone’s stash on Ravelry (free to join)?

I joined Ravelry and lots of people have it in their stash!! How would I go about borrowing/buying this from someone’s stash? I would pay quite a lot to not have to wreck my blankey.

You should send a message to one of the people who has the yarn in a stash. Once you clicked on Stashes and called up the boxes with individual names and yarn pictures, click on the name inside one of the boxed, click again on the name in the new window (either above the picture or below) then you’ll see “send a message” and there you go.
Good luck in connecting with some available yarn and completing the blanket.

Yes, just send a private message/pm to the person who has it. Some people may be willing to sell, even if they don’t have it listed for sale or trade.