Blanket help for a beginner

Hey everyone,
I have a few crochet and knitting related questions.:mrgreen:
I started knitting this week and my current project is a baby blanket. I’m just doing a really basic “knit” stitch but I’m hoping to add a crochet’d boarder of some sort. I was thinking of doing a shell boarder?
Is it possible for me to add the boarder after I’ve finished the blanket? Does anyone have any recomendations for a crochet’d or even knitted boarder? (I have never crochet’d before. This would be my first project doing so.) Thank you so much!
EDIT: I’m using super bulky Bernat baby blanket yarn with US 11 needles.
Here’s project and yarn

Sure it’s possible. I have a couple of shell borders I like and they work on garter stitch (which is what you have there all fluffy and soft.) You might want to practice a bit before you put the border on, since you’re just getting started in crochet, but it’ll work. I might also make the border ruffle on purpose so any mistakes won’t show :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Here’s few links that may help too. Your blanket looks wonderful so far and the edging is going to be the perfect finishing touch.