Blanket edges aren’t matching

Just finished a baby blanket and the end that I finished isn’t as wide as the edge I started. Will blocking help? I had the same number of stitches throughout the pattern but it seems as if the end I finishes is less stitches or tighter than the rest.

Hi !! Welcome to this awesome forum !! Did you bind off with bigger needles or the same size ? Do you know if you have fewer stitches. I’m not experienced by far, but I usually cast on and bind off with bigger needles. The other thing I’ve seen which I thought was a good idea was use a provisional cast on to ensure that both sides would be equal. Is there a huge difference from the cast on side to the bind off side? Maybe taking out the bind off and binding off with a bigger needle ?

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I used the same size needles.

This is pretty normal, especially for newer knitters who haven’t quite figured out what tension works for them yet. My first project decreased in width to about half the width than the beginning, so I feel you. Blocking should help a lot, but probably won’t make it perfect. But then again, that’s one of the charms of a hand-knitted piece: it’s not perfect! I wouldn’t worry about it at all, especially if you’re a newer knitter. If you’re already more experienced, maybe look at some pointers for getting more even tension? There’s lots of information out there since this is a very common problem.


Here is what I suggested for my niece. If you have enough yarn. Her first rows almost looked like a ruffle then tightened up to a fairly consistent tension. At the end, I suggested going up to larger needles & attempting to duplicate the first rows in reverse, so it looked like a deliberate ruffled edge.

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