Blanket corners

I want to make a border for the blanket I’m making. I’m wondering what kind of increases I should do in the corners to make it look nice. I’m also wanting to do the border in garter. Any suggestions?

You can do k yo k in the very corner stitches, or kfb in the st before the center and kfb the center stitch. The yo in the k yo k doesn’t really make as big a hole as a single yo would, but adds a nice eyelet effect.

suzeeq is right a “k, yo, k” makes a very nice increase. I personally like the look and the effect. My one concern with this increase is if it is for a baby blanket. If there is only one hole in a blanket little fingers will find it and may get caught in it.

This is just my opinion and being a male knitter we all know how valuable that is.

The hole is really a lot smaller than a regular yo, and it’s just at the corners so there’s not a big chance of baby fingers getting stuck in them. I made a larger blanket for my new GD in a 10 sided star shape using this inc and it was fine, no accidents.

Would not the size of the hole depend on the size of the needle and yarn being use. The “K, YO, K” increase is often used in shawls because of the hole that is left. But, once again my opinion is of no value - But as I said “This is just my opinion and being a male knitter we all know how valuable that is.”

I was using a thin worsted and size 9s. But try it on a sample - the yo really is a lot smaller than one that’s just between regular knit sts because of the 2 knits also being worked into the same stitch. I think you’re thinking of yo k yo that is used on most shawls and they aren’t done in the same stitch. The difference is they’re all worked into one stitch for a double increase; it looks similar to kpk into one stitch, which of course could be done too.

Cacunn–come now! We would never say your opinion is of less value just because you’re a male knitter. You make a valid point about the hole, and if the recommended increase for some reason turns out to be too large, then another increase is certainly in order.

Please don’t disparage yourself. All comments (even the ones that disagree with each other) are valuable! And you, like all of us, bring your unique perspective to this forum and open our eyes to new things! That’s always a plus!!

Antares I have noticed that in many of the threads in KnittingHelp to express an idea not shared by certain posters will quickly be shot down. In these areas, which seem to be where my interest takes me, unique ideas are not supported or encouraged.

Having run into this approach a number of times I think I will shift to read only mode.

I wasn’t shooting down your idea - what you said about YOs is valid, I was just stating that the yo created by this increase is smaller than a ‘normal’ standalone one. My style of knitting and one I encourage, is to use larger needles than is standard for the yarn weight, and many people disagree with that. It’s certainly a unique idea and why I use ‘knitting heretic’ as my sig line - I advocate rather unconventional ideas in my posts.

And if someone knitting is not as tight as yours? If the baby is placed in the blanket and the corner is folded so it works to where the baby’s fingers can get to it. What if the knitter is using baby yarn and a larger needle?

When is comes to babies I would rather error on the isde of caution. If a new born babies’ finger has found the hole and the mother or the babies 5 year old brother pulls on the blanket then what.

But as I have said often there is only one idea that is valid and in this case it is not mine.

So, whatever, I wish you happy knitting.

I don’t knit tight, that’s the point. This is probably one of those things that’s more a preference than an absolute, and I’m really not saying my way is better.

Well, I always find your posts very helpful, but, of course, if you feel it’s better to be a reader rather than a contributor, by all means, that’s what you should do (in other words, no pressure from me). Just know that I (and I’m sure many others) will miss your valuable words of wisdom! Thanks for the input you’ve provided thus far!

I most definitely plan to use one thing you mentioned for sure, and that’s the fishing tackle zip thingy to hold my needles and cords! It’s a super idea, and I never would have thought of it if you hadn’t mentioned it. So thank you! Thank you! Thank you! (I was going down the road of zip-closed daytimers and such, by the way. They work, too, with modifications, but the tackle cases are a stupendous idea with little modifications needed!)

Thank you for the suggestion. I definitely think that I want to try it. And thank you Cacuun for your point of view. It can be a baby blanket but I’m doing it in a larger size for a 2.5 year old. I have not come across this increase and did not realize it was all in one in st. So my thanks to all three of you. :slight_smile:

Hi Cacunn, I always look forward to reading you posts so it would really be too bad to lose you voice at KnittingHelp. There are almost always alternate ways of doing things and certainly many ways of looking at the same problem and describing a solution.
I think differences of opinion are part of the fun of the forum. So please continue to help out with with your posts.