Blanket border help!

I’ve been knitting for years now, but only simple scarves, hats and baby blankets. I just finished the body of my first queen-sized blanket, done on a circular needle with a basketweave stitch.

My question (which I probably should’ve figured out before starting the project): how do I create a border? :oops:

Do I purl strips and somehow attach them with seams? Do I pick up stitches from the edges of the blanket and work off of those? Are there videos or instructions to show me how?

Any help would be SUPER appreciated!


It may not be necessary to have a border with a basketweave pattern. If you want one, you can pick up sts around the sides and do a garter stitch or rib stitch. There’s a video for picking up on the Tips page.

About the easiest kind of border I know of is a crocheted border. If you know the basics of crochet you could crochet a border right on to it going all around the 4 sides.