Blanket Border Help!

Hello, I’m new here but I am completely stumped on how to add width to my blanket.
It is currently 168 sts and 300 rows, doing 1k, 1p ribbing ( i don’t know why I decided to do ribbing for the whole thing, I’m a beginner). However, because i decided to do ribbing, the blanket is too narrow. I want to add a border to the two long ends but every tutorial online I found about picking up stitches along an edge involves picking them all up and my needles will not fit 300 sts on them.

Does anyone have an idea of what I could do, I really am a beginner so a link to a video or just an explination would be grand.

Thank you!

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Would it potentially be easier to just knit the border sides and sew them on? Theyre going to be quite thick borders, about 40 sts long. would this be easier or would it make the blanket flow weird?

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Circular needles are the easiest way to handle large numbers of sts. You can still knit back and forth on them but the weight and bulk of the sts is on the cable connecting the two needles.
You could knit side panels and add them to the blanket. Garter stitch or seed stitch are nice sts that will lie flat. Then you would be able to seam the panels to the blanket.
It’s also possible that you can stretch out the blanket a bit by blocking either wool or acrylic. Wetting and pinning the wool blanket will help as would careful steam blocking of acrylic (never touch the iron to the acrylic).

I do admire you for managing to rib an entire blanket. I can barely make it through ribbing on the bottom of a sweater.

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Thank you for replying!!

I’ve been using circular needles for the blanket so far but I dont think they’ll hold 300 sts so I’d probably have to buy another pair :confused:

I’ve never heard of steam blocking, but I might give it a try. I think I will also knit the borders and seam them on. I think I’ll do ribbed panels to add on, just so it looks the same as the rest.

Thank you so much for replying!!!

That’ll work.
This shows you how to steam block. It works for larger pieces and it will relax the rib a bit.

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thank you! I’ll be sure to post a picture once the blanket is all finished :slight_smile:

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Congrats on making such fantastic progress on a blanket. Enjoy working the side panels.