Blanket basics

hi everyone. i have a really basic question…how would i go about making a large blanket? would i have to use long needles? pointed? circular needles? needles that have an extension cord type dealy at one end? :lol: also, how do you make it, in one whole piece, or in pieces that you eventually stitch together? i guess i just need to know the basics so i can get ready to do one large project finally!

i tried searching but couldn’t figure out the right keywords to see if this has already been answered.

thanks in advance!

I would use large circular needles – the bulk of the weight and stitches will sit on your lap on the cord, which puts a lot less strain on your wrist. You could also work on straight needles and make long strips that you would have to seam together (not something I like to do!). BTW – by “large circular needles” I mean needles with a long cord – I’m not referring to the actual size of the needle.

It all depends on what sort of blanket you want to make. If you’re keen on using straights or short circs, you’d want to knit strips or squares and then seam them all together. If you want to knit it all in one big piece, I would suggest using long circular needles because even if you could find straight needles long enough, it would be an awful lot of weight on one side at a time.
Try taking a look through this page to find a pattern you like - you use different techniques for different blankets, but every pattern should have clear instructions for its particular design.

wow, you guys answered so quickly! thanks!

yea, i didn’t have a specific blanket pattern or type in mind so all suggestions are welcome. so thanks for the link!

so the size of my blanket, should i choose to knit it all in one piece, is dependent of the length of the cord on the circular needle? am i right?

Pretty much. The longer your cord is, the more stitches you can fit on it. It’s always best to use a longer circ than you think you’ll need, because extra space on the needle is a lot easier to deal with than stitches falling off.

thanks for the helpful tips! i was wondering about a circular needle being too long.

i decided to do this pattern as my first blanky. it’s only a garter stitch. i was thinking of doing another stitch instead but i don’t think any pattern would actually show through with such a loose stitch. if it is possible, does anyone have any suggestions of a good stitch?