Blank pattern chart?

Where can i get a blank pattern chart like the heart on from (The double knitted one?)

i want to create my own design!

I would go to the store and buy a pad of graphing paper…the green printed kind has more guiding lines, so you probably want the white kind with 1/4" boxes. They’re really cheap and you can probably get them at the grocery store.

This is interesting, assuming you have this program.

I used Excel to chart for my brothers’ Charlie Brown zigzag hat…just stet the column width & row height to the same size, and tell Page Setup that you want to print the gridlines…

OMG Mer, that article is BRILLIANT!!! I have something I want to make in a year or so, and this will help me save days, if not weeks, of frustration.

And someone posted this site earlier somewhere in KH:

I just found this today…but that Knitty article is fantastic!

The free online graph paper is a great thing. I just printed a sheet out and am gonna make myself some kind of pattern. Thanks. ~Brooke

Wow, that Knitty article was great – thanks for posting it!! I created an action in Photoshop (like a macro) that does all the steps…what a timesaver!!

This is a little download…you can choose the size of graph per inch. Right now it is being mostly used for mthe 9 yo’s math homework. i’ve planned many a quilt with this!!!

hth’s :heart:

I followed the directions (mostly) in the knitty article to make the chart for the hat below. I had to do some tweaking but it is a good guide. :thumbsup: