Black Violin

I think these guys and their hip hop violins and mixed genre violin performance just fabulous and SUCH a tribute to high school music programs that often need all the help they can get. I feel so enthused and celebratory over these guys that I just had to share a vid about them:

I’m impressed! I played violin for over 2 years in jr. high until they cut the orchestra program. I’m suprised I made it that far since I cannot read music. The teacher had to stay after with me every night because I had to play by ear and memorize the pieces.

I remember as a young girl being in a home when a piano was delivered and one of the men sat down and played this wondrous classical piece…all learned by ear. He couldn’t read music either. Orchestra programs are always so hard to maintain because instruments are so expensive so a very good cause for those looking for a path for philanthropy.

I saw these guys on good morning america or the today show or something about a year ago; they are AMAZING! I showed it to my kids at school, and they were absolutely mesmerized.

I consider it fabulous that you used the resource to inspire other students. Thank you. And what a funky violin one of them has!

[SIZE=2]Well, in this case funding wasn’t the reason it was cut. There were only 2 of us. When we had our concerts, we had to play with another school group. I still remember my first concert and swear it’s the reason I hate big crowds. The gym was packed full of people and when we came in we stood until Mr. Sam told us to sit. When we did sit, I leaned forward too far and hit my D string key on the music stand. I had to get up in front of all those people and have him retune it. I think that had to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!!

Oh dear! I can see how that would have been so humiliating. I was locked in a large dept store after they closed. I hate being in a store right on closing time now unless I am near a door and can see the way out.