Black Sheep Gathering

Anyone going?

I might be able to get there – looks like a great time!

AUGHHGH! Let’s go let’s go! I’ve been jealous of the MSWers and I’ve been cooing over pictures of sheepies and alpacas lately! Come on NWers, let’s go!

OK, Portlanders, if you carpool down, post a time and place we can meet at the Black Sheep Gathering, and I’ll see you there! Another friend of mine is already really excited to go, so there’s no way I’ll escape now…

I only
have Sunday available and I was thinking of going but
I am parent on duty with my 9 year old (who actually
knits and would be interested) so I’m hemming and
hawing about it. Has anyone been before? Is it worth
it? Is it dangerous? (As in they have yarn sellers
there and you want to buy everything) I would love to
see the sheep to shawl thing. That sounds way cool. I
want to learn to spin and this would be a good
motivator. I don’t know. Someone convince me to go.

I went, and it was really fun! Lots of beautiful handspun yarns (which I, sadly, forced myself to resist, because I have several sweaters in progress right now), and especially lots of wool in every stage for spinners (which I don’t do, so I was in no danger there), as well as fun accessories and books (didn’t have enough money to warrant spending it all on buttons and other things, but I bought a couple of gadgets) – and the animals – the animals alone made it worth going. Two huge barns full of sheep, goats, and rabbits, with demonstrations and educational displays about the breeds and their fibers. The owners of the animals were so friendly and happy to talk about their animals, the vendors and other participants were nice, and there was an all around wonderful atmosphere there. A day surrounded by clouds of beautiful fibers from rough to refined, in the most beautiful array of colors, many of them natural. And the entire event was free! I would highly recommend going next year, if you get the chance and are in the mood for a fiberfest.

ooooh fun!! Im afraid I would have spent my day petting and making friends with bunnies and sheep.

That sounds like a lot of fun! Only a 2489 mile drive :shock:

:?? Maybe next time :slight_smile:


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H, you are pretty good with the photoshop stuff!

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Hildie you have WAY too much time on your hands!!!

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Are you kidding??? I live for this stuff!!! Besides I didn’t get tot go to the gathering. I guess I’ll live it vicariously through others. Photshop on…

ahh, a confession: i don’t have photo shop, i did it in paint! yay free programs!

even better! :happydance:

Man! You [size=6]DO[/size] have too much time on your hands!!!