Black Shawl...Which one should I make from Folk Shawls Book?

I have some black fingering weight alpaca 80% and 20% silk that I would love to knit up into a shawl, the problem is I am stuck one which pattern to make. Both patterns can be found in the Folk Shawls book

Choice 1: Basic Black Shawl

Choice 2: Norwegian Box Lace Shawl

Sorry, I couldn’t find a pictures to post, so those of you with the book could you take a peek and give me your thoughts?

Hi, Licensed2Cook. I’m making the Native America Butterfly Shawl from Folk Shawls right now. There are so many beautiful shawls in there I want to make. :thinking:

As for your question, I, personally, love the Norwegian Box-Lace shawl.

Thank you, that one was my first choice but then I looked a bit more and confused myself. So thank you very much for helping me straighten out.