Black or Navy Blue?

Ok, so I’m knitting these celtic spiral socks, get all the way to the heel on the first sock, and realize I gonna need more yarn. So I go to to reorder a skein of natural, and a skein of black. I check the yarn lables for the color number and look at the webpage to find them.

My skein of black says #8334, but the website says black is #8304. Dark Navy Blue is #8334. :??

Inside, under incandescent lights, it’s definitely black!! I take my “black” skein outside to look at it under bright natural sunlight.

Outside, it’s blue. Dark Navy Blue.

Crap. I KNOW I ordered black. She sent me blue by mistake.

Oh well, at least it works. I’m not going to make a big deal about it, because it’s obviously an honest mistake, and well, natural and blue look just fine together. I actually think it’s kinda funny. Yesterday I would have sworn it was black, now when I look at it, it’s obviously blue. How weird. :doh:

I had a sweater that looked purple in the bedroom but brown outside–or maybe it was the other way around.

But, navy or black, the socks are coming along fantastic!

Thanks Ingrid. They’re a lot of fun to knit. Never a dull moment! LOL I actually had the heel finished, but it didn’t look right so I frogged it and I’m trying again. I’m doing a short row heel on these, and I’ve never done one before. There are 48 heel stitches! :shock:

I really love those socks… I want to make them but I haven’t even made those other socks sitting in my basket… I keep casting on and chickening out :roflhard:

Silver, is it pretty much “fair Isle” or “Stranding method”?

OT: as I was typing this, my cat was gently nibbling on my finger, then slipped it back into his molars and bit down… going right through my fingernail and the side of my finger… felt like it went to the bone :crying: :help:

SIL, no matter WHAT the color, those look GREAT!

And, ABY! OW! Just…OW! :shock: Are you okay???

Don’t want to take over this thread so I posted my response in my blog, Kelly :thumbsup:

love the pattern in those socks Silver! Beautiful work :cheering: :cheering: