Black Jordana Paige Bella

SOLD>>>>Used maybe 2 times. $45.00

Do you have a picture I’ll take it does that include shipping
I Love that bag


It does include shipping. Don’t know how to do the pictures but its brand new.

Ok if you say it’s brand new I all in I can send you a check on Wed just send me your address OMG I have wanted this one for ever :yay:

My address is
Lynn Lisiewski
3040 Melissa Lane
Modesto, CA 95355

I PMed you about this bag last week and never received a response. I ended up finding another one when I didn’t hear back, but in the future, please check your messages in addition to the board so that you don’t miss someone who asked first.

Sorry this is all new to me but I thought I replied to your email.

Is this still available? Let me know by answering here or sending a private message through here. Thanks!

Never mind! Looks like you’ve sold it. Glad to see it going to a good home!