Black cable shrug

[color=purple]I have posted this shrug before but this one is knitted using black yarn. I really like it in black! Just in case you are confused what colour you should knit a shrug in, black is a good choice! =)



Wow! I love that! where did you get the pattern?

wOw. that’s gorgeous! (i just realized that i use that word a lot in this forum, but it’s always well deserved! :teehee:)
is that one of the free patterns from IK’s site? it looks like the one i really want to do. come to think of it, the neckline looks different, but i think i actually like this one better! black was definitely the perfect color choice. you did a great job!!!:cheering:

The pattern is actually from Fitted Knits, ribbed shrug. But I modified the sleeves. I made it into long cabled sleeves instead of plain elbow length sleeves. =)

Wow, this is even better in black!! Love it, love it!

ooo yes i remember seeing this in a tan, taupe-y color. sooooooooo gorgeous!!! i love it in the black also

It is just lovely!

Very chic! You made some awesome choices with the yarn, pattern, and sleeve alteration!

Oh wow!! This is gorgeous!!!



WOW, that is striking. Great job.