BL CO underarm question

When you CO extra stitches in the middle of a patter, for example at the under arm for a top-sown raglan sweater, are you supposed to CO to the left needle and knit them immediately after casting on, or do you CO to the right needle and knit them on the next round?

CO to the right needle where the yarn is, continue to knit the round, and those new sts get knit on the next. I use knit or cable CO which means switching it to left for the CO, then back and knitting around.

for this case (under arm cast on/raglan sweater) i like to use a simple (aka script letter e) cast on.

It’s messy!

but when i go to work the sleeves, I PICK UP stitches from the cast on–and this tightens up the messy edge, and eliminates the need to seam the underarm!

Thanks for your replies. I think that my backwards loop caston sounds a lot like what you explained oftroy. I considered knitting them on, because that is my favorite cast on method, but I wasn’t sure if it worked for things like this. I’ve only used it to start patterns. thanks for letting me know. i will try that next time.