Bizarre yardage question

ok, I M making a Shiff with 2 strands held together, one is pink, one is red.
How is it possible that the pink skeins have less yardage than the red, I M finishing up on my 2nd skein of each, and if I keep on this way I will need a additional skein of pink to help fill in the gap I am creating.
it is not reasonable to me that I would use more of only one color than the other when I am running them at the same time, stitch for stitch, row for row.
the labels mark each skein as having the same yardage, and I can see a bit of dicrepancy, but 3-4 yards?, that is a lot

It happens…

Whenever I wind my hanks of yarn…out of curiosity I [U]always[/U] take out my Weight Watcher scale. (It weighs in ounces or grams.) If a hank says it is 50 grams, (or 100 grams)…I weigh it after winding it into a “cake”…and it is surprising how many weigh [U]more than 50g [/U](or 100g)! Once ina great while, one or two will weight less…but usually, they weigh more!

Could it be that your red yarn is really “over” yardage…and the pink is “right on”?

Anyway, like Suzeeq said…it happens!

I’ve had that happen when I use 2 strands of yarn doing needlepoint. I start out even but always end with one string shorter than the other. Must have something to do with the needle going in and out.

Is it possible that the red yarn takes a lot more dye than the pink, enough to tip the yardage down for the red since it’s slightly heavier in pigment than the pink yarn?

Oh snap I just reread. The PINK was shorter than the red…??

That blows my whole theory out of the water! lol

OOH actually, maybe not. Depending on HOW pink the pink is (as in, is it a diluted red dye, or a combination of red and white dyes) there might be heavier pigmentation. “titanium white” was what I used when I wanted to paint over a darker color and not have it bleed under, it was a real thick and viscous paint, so maybe that made less of the pink yarn soak up more dye to leave it at 50g?

I’m talking out of my butt here, really…

I’ve had the same thing happen with Carons SS when making an afghan. It was only a few yards so I didn’t worry about it. I think what you’re finding is normal.

Hmmmmm:think: , I think I’ll throw in my theory as well.
Ok, as you are working along, you are going to unavoidably twist the yarns together as you work. Nothing wrong with that. But, as sometimes happens, one yarn is being wrapped around the other. Which takes up more real estate, or yardage. Or if one color is sitting on the other color then that takes up more real estate also.:knitting:
So, my theory is… the pink is wrapping around the red and/or sitting atop the red, hence using more pink as you go along. Which actually, if you think about it is a good thing. That way you don’t have to try to join the next ball or skein of pink yarn in the same place as the red, thereby, spreading out the joins for a cleaner finish. But the next time it might be the red using more. It all depends on which yarn is sorta like being the dominant, straighter one and which one is wrapping around the other.:thumbsup: