Bizarre double circ sock problem

I have been away from my 2-socks-on-2-circs knitting project for about 6 wks, and when I went to pick it up something really strange is going on. When I go to knit as usual, starting from the edge with the yarn strand coming off of it, it comes out not in stockinette but in garter. If I purl it, it looks fine. But unless I am losing my mind, I did not knit these things so far (~ 5") in purl, I knit them in garter that automatically became stockinette since it is on circs.

All I can think of is I had a few mess-ups where I got tangled in my needles and had to do a lot of weird stuff to get them right again. Maybe I stopped there and did not try to knit anymore - and did something that got it all backwards.

Does this make since? I can’t remember back 6 weeks! :??

Could be possible that they got inside-out somehow? Then you would be knitting on the wrong side, I think, creating garter. Just a thought. (I haven’t been knitting long and have never tried socks, but I that’s the first thing that came to mind when I read your post. Of course I could be totally wrong!)

I agree with the inside-out theory. Reverse stockinette and garter stitch look very similar!

just for clarification, are you seeing the purl bumps or are you seeing garter stitch?

i would guess (if it is the purl bumps) that you somehow managed to start going in the opposite direction from what you had been knitting when you put them down.

Well they didn’t get inside out, but I think going in the wrong direction might be it! I will check it out tomorrow when I am more awake! Thanks!

I’m sure it’s going in the wrong direction :wink: It’s very easy to do, especially when, as u have been, you are away from the project & pick it up & start knitting…we’ve all done it, I’m sure…I sure have :wink:

That was it, thanks for your help. At first I couldn’t figure out how I could be going in the wrong direction, but then I remembered the lady in the video said to bring the yarn forward from so that you are using the new needles not the ones the yarn is on. :oops: