Bit of advice needed

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I am a bit stuck on a design of my own. I have been trying to do a knitted hat along the style of a Kazakhstan men’s cap. Two problems - the sides are double walled for stiffness, so I have started with a purl band which switches to a knit band. The purl band will be folded up and sewn in…but I get a curl edge. Also, the top is meant to be quite flat but I cannot work out a satisfactory decrease. Can supply photos.

I get a bunch of different designs searching that but from your description I think I know which one you mean.

I think you’ll have to start with the flat and then work the sides. Just the way I’m thinking from crochet disks and squares.
There’s this for knitting,

You could double knit the sides. Once you get the disk kfb every stitch with 2 strands for 2 layers.
But I think what you are doing would work the same. You just have to fight the curl to get it seamed. Once it’s stitched down the curl should be held.

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Are you using double knitting or is it just a double band? Curling is normal and once you seam it it won’t show. That said…

I’ve made several hemmed hats so they have a double brim. I start with a provisional cast on, then knit for x number of rows, purl a row, then knit for x number of rows. Then I take the provisional cast on out and put it on needles and join the two halves by knitting one stitch from each side around. I can find a tutorial if you’re interested.

The top… what do you mean by flat? Rounded, but not pointed?

Hello, Jan. It is a lovely WYS Aran. I can send you a couple of photos that might make things a bit clearer. As for the top - imagine a disc across the top.

Jan, I’ve just read through your text again and I can see how you solution to the band will work, though I’ll have to teach myself the provisional cast on. :thinking:

I use a crochet provisional cast on. I usually cast onto a circular needle since I always make hats in the round.
This video shows you from start to finish. It’s a little fiddly, but once you get the hang of it it’s a lovely bottom of a hat.

Here’s another video if it helps, plus there is one here in Knitting Help linked at the top of the page.

I’m not sure how to make a completely flat top. Maybe someone else can help with that.

Thanks, Jan. I’ve tried circular needles but couldn’t gt on with them so
have remained with DPNs. The only way I can think of doing the top is to
build a circle by gradually increasing at both ends to the width I need and
then an equal decrease down the other side… then sew this onto the top?
Hmm, will have a go on some scrap wool. I am intrigued by the provisional
cast on - I must have a go!



PS - I’ll let you know how I get on.

I’m not sure about your idea. It seems like you’d have to do quick decreases to not get it rounded, but I’m not sure. I just make rounded crowns myself. Since heads are rounded wouldn’t a square one round out anyway? Hmmm…

For casting on to DPNs I think I’d cast on to a straight or circular needle then slip the stitches on your DPNs. That would be easier than casting on to them directly I think… ?

Hi, Jan. Yes, I cast on to straights and then transfer to DPNs. As I mentioned, I have tried circular but since I am self-taught I can’t get the hang of the extra loop sticking out. I’ll take another look at the crown; I can attach a photo of an original hat to illustrate what I am trying to achieve.

Well, I have unravelled the hat and started again (something I’m not afraid to do). I have been using the cast on method you suggested; intriguing! I’m not sure what happens later but I’ll look it up. Thank you for your advice. As for the crown…maybe I’ll have to learn crochet!

The first video I posted shows you what happens next.

I use magic loop with a long cable so two loops. It was weird at first, but it’s my go to method for anything circular unless it’s very small diameter like a finger puppet then I use DPN. :wink:

BTW…I’ve only been knitting since 2005 so maybe things are less ingrained for me. Also…I’m 64.

Thanks, Jan. I was initially taught by some girls at university (didn’t
have a girlfriend to knit a jumper for me) and then have learned as I get
on. Beat you on the age front- 68 this year.


Thanks, Mike. I have now sorted the sides and am venturing onto the top.
Think I know how to do it. I’ll post the pattern if I am successful!


Jan, thought you might like to see the final hat. The sizing formula I used gave a hat too small for me. I’ll have to amend the formula next time.

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The hat looks wonderful! Well done.