Bit of a dilemma...

Hi everyone! I only started knitting a few days ago and things have been going really well… until this happened.
I think one of my stitches slipped off and collapsed and I’ve been trying to put it back together again but I have no idea how! I hope my images are clear enough, I had to move two stitches temporarily to the other side so I could try and figure out the problem. I hope I haven’t messed it up further…
Any ideas? :frowning_face:

Dropped stitches are very common, especially when you are still learning. Here are a couple of videos that might help. Since it looks like you are knitting in garter stitch, the first video should be the one you need. The second shows how to fix a dropped stitch in stockinette.

At least yours is only one stitch. Earlier today I set my project down for 2 minutes. One of my cats settled on it like a nest and that action pulled the needle out of 14 stitches of lace that unraveled about 2 rows. It took almost an hour to get the stitches back together correctly. Lesson learned: always use point protectors when I have to set it down.


Thank you so much!!! It took me a while because I had messed it up on top of the dropped stitch but the videos helped a lot! I’ve managed to fix it all and I’ve now been able to fix any stitch I’ve dropped!


Achievement earned (dropped stitch picked up and recovered).
(I was playing Minecraft a minute ago. Lol)

(Edit to add: I never would have thought to use Chiclets as point protectors either. Lol)


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I really like that yarn, glad you got the problem sorted!

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Nice colors