Biscuit Tins and other Bodges


A few days ago, I put a post about Pattern Tamers - magnetic strips to help follow the lines on patterns.

I bought four different sized magnetic strips and planned on looking for a magnetic board to go with them.

I was clearing up my work bench, putting some bead packets into an empty biscuit tin, when I picked up the lid …

Don’t need to buy a magnetic board now - the lid is very shallow at the sides, so it slipped under the pattern page in the book no problem and the magnetic strips worked a treat.

A bodge? A bodged job usually means a messed up piece of repair work but for some reason, I like to call it ‘Getting summat for nowt’.

Anyway, if anyone is looking for a magnetic board - check for empty tins lying about the place first. The tin I was using was left over from Christmas goodies.

Anyone else knows of other ‘bodges’, do tell.



That is a terrific idea!!!:thumbsup:

I use metal baking trays - they’re great, and you can cover them with pretty fabric :slight_smile:



Thanks so much for posting - [COLOR=Black]([/COLOR]and no, I’m not going to make any jokes about you being from Scotland!!) :teehee:

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Someone on here (I can’t remember who) once recommended using an empty Pringles tube to store needles, so I do :mrgreen:

Mornin’ Jen

Another [COLOR=Red]Top[/COLOR] [COLOR=Orange]Bodge[/COLOR]! - maybe by the end of the day we’ll have enough bits and bobs on here to make the Wombles look like wastrels. :teehee:

Thanks very much for posting!


PS - You’re puppy is still in peril - Knitalongs!

I do too. I wrote the size number on each of the ends of the bamboo straight needles so I can tell what size they are while they’re standing up, course it’s a little harder with the DPNs. Maybe one say I’ll get around to decorating my can :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya Eccie

Marking bamboo needles? Wow - that must save some time, not to say, [COLOR=Red]ANGST!!!

[COLOR=Black]What is it you use to mark them with? Felt tip? or …?

Thanks very much for posting - could you please fill in the blank because this has all the makings of a :star::star::star::star::star: [COLOR=Magenta]Bodge.

[COLOR=Black]Yours, Bodging About



I sed a fine point permanent marker, a Sharpie to be exact. It worked really well, some of the ones I use most are starting to fade a little but they’re still legible and I can always go in a re touch them later.

Brilliant idea Ellie :slight_smile: Will have to give it a try.
What flavour pringles ? LOL

Hiya Rita

What flavour? Hmmm - dunno really, but I think you should check them all out, especially if someone wants to decorate one of the tins - I mean to say, I know it’s a sacrifice but someone has to do the market research on this.:teehee: