Biscuit Blanket

So on Saturday I was taking count of the cookies, candy, etc that I had bought for the n’bors. Putting them in bags and getting them ready to go for Christmas Eve when I realized I was one short. So I made this on Sunday, I have been wanting to make this for a long time. It’s just so cute but JD didn’t think anyone will use it. Hopefully they will and enjoy it.

The kids picked out a jam for them yesterday and we will take it up to them tomorrow evening.

Pattern: Biscuit Blanket
Yarn: Sugar n’ Creme Ivory & Lion Brand Cotton in Navy
Needle: 6
Time it took: One evening, YAY!

It’s very cute, and what a thoughtful gift!

It is lovely and kitchen gifts are always welcomed! Great job and a super wonderful gift idea!

How cute is that?! I know that I’m always hunting for something to keep my dinner rolls warm. That’s perfect!

Well i love it ! I would use it for sure :slight_smile: Great work !!

That’s really cute - I’m sure they will love it!

That is so cute!!! I will totally have to make one for the cookies I want to give out tomorrow :slight_smile: I fi i try really hard I think I can get one made up tonight!

:thumbsup: You should be able to with no problem it works up pretty fast. I did 11 total repeats of the pattern, I thought it was suppose to be 12.5"…it’s actually 11.25" :teehee: …and I wasn’t going to go back and frog it once I realized it was too big…

A user on ravelry used cording for the tie and it’s really pretty that way too, but I didn’t have time to run out and find it.

I love it Dustina. I have added that to my list of future knitting,

You know, this pattern has been on my to do list too! Love how it turned out. Will have to keep this in mind for future gift giving. … ahem, maybe I’ll make myself one! LOL

That’s very cute! I’m going to put it on my list, we have biscuits often.


Cute gift!

You are a wonderful knitter, and an even nicer neighbor!

Say, where do you live??? :teehee:

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]That’s such a sweet cover! I think anyone would want something this wonderful!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

that is so nice, what a great gift idea.

:hug: Thank you everyone!!

Very nice! Excellent and thoughtful idea!!

Very nice.