Birthday Knitpicks Certificate!

Yea!! My son and D-I-L gave me a gift certificate for my birthday today!! Now how in the world am I gonna decide what to get!! ??? Yum! :heart: :heart: :heart: :cheering: :cheering:

WHOO HOOOO and happy birthday!!! :thumbsup:




I’m so excited–not so much about turning 56–but hey, that means I’m alive, too!

:balloons: Happy Birthday!!! :balloons:

For me it’s already half the fun just looking around, knowing I could pick each and every one of those lovely things and then finally deciding on my absolute most favorite to take home :slight_smile:

So, have loads of fun looking at all the wonderful things you could get for yourself :present:


:cheering: Happy Birthday!

And have fun!! I got two Knitpicks GCs for my birthday and I just finished spending them. :smiley:

Happy Birthday Trudy!! :balloons:

Great gift!!


Damn i thought your name was Ellen!!! oh well [color=green][size=7]HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRUDY!!![/size][/color]

i hope i get one from somebody at the end of the month!!!

[color=red][size=7]HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRUDY[/size][/color] :happydance: :happydance: :cheering: :cheering:
Oh, I will help you decide what to get…I LOVE to wish thru the site…wonderful yarns, books AND cool accessories!! LOL, when I was given a gift cert, as one would guess…mine all went on sock yarn…LOL…well, I am set for sock yarn for a while :wink:
Oh my…You go and have some FUN FUN FUN deciding what to get and have an EXCITING bday :wink:

HAH–thanks ya’ll !! I used my mom’s middle name as a screen name–my DH didn’t want me to use my real name online–so I used Ellen…hey, anyway–wouldn’t ANYONE rather be named Ellen than TRUDY??? But the longer I was here and getting to know youall, I didn’t want to be called by someone elses’ name among my friends at KH!!! :wink:

Thank you all for the birthday wishs–it’s been a really good one, and I am excited about looking over the KnitPicks site — it’ll take me forever to decide, I know. That’s half the fun–the “search”!!

But, if you notice, my sig now says “My name should be RIBBIT (cause I have to rip out SO MUCH!!), but it’s Trudy!” So, I’ve been “outting myself” for awhile now!! :blush: My [color=darkred][size=6]NAME[/size][/color]–not my sex pref. :shock: !! (I’ve been married for 40 years next June! :inlove: )[

Below is how I looked in the late 70’s…

Happy Birthday Trudy! Have fun picking out stuff!


Happy Birthday! What a great gift!

Happy Birthday Trudy!!! :balloons: :present: And the only thing more lovely than your name is that photo! Look out world, we have one hot knitter on our hands!

Happy Birthday! What a fun gift. Decisions, decisions. :thinking:

Wow lucky you! Somebody loves you :heart: Have a good b-day

Happy birthday! Have fun spending your loot!

Thanks SO SO much to all of you for my birthday wishes (and compliments–Foldedbird! AND tips on HOW to spend my gift certificate–yes, 'becca, that’s you!) --you are so very sweet and kind. If one is known by the company one keeps, I shall be known as a very kind human being!! That’s a good start, huh?

I don’t think I’ll ever be a great (or HOT!) knitter–but if I can ever get to the point where I CHECK every few rows to make sure I haven’t dropped stitches,split the yarn, etc., I’ll think I’m making progress. Sometimes I get in such a hurry to get through a project, I’ll make mistakes that I don’t have any business making. So I hope my “advanced age” will help me start to be more mindful of my knitting! :rollseyes:

Hmmmm…my first book: “THE MINDFUL KNITTER”!!
I like the sound of that! :smiley: :rofling:

Happy belated birthday, fellow Scorpio! My birthday is actually today (Nov. 4th) so it’s cool to see someone so close by birthdays on here:) Have fun picking from all the yummy yarn!!

Trudy, we’ve all been there! I was saying that about 11 1/2 months ago, but then I found this forum. Now look at me. I only drop stitches every 20 or so rows! :roflhard: