Birthday goodies

I had a lovely birthday yesterday and had my first real yarn splurge…

This is my first Noro (it’s Cashmere Island) :yay:

I just I’m good enough to knit it all up nicely :passedout:

:balloons: Happy Birthday! You are one lucky person :happydance: ! I may have to borrow as a hint to DH for mine…


I’m glad you had a wonderful birthday!


Very nice, and a belated Happy Natal Anniversary!

Happy Birthday! I want your yarn!

Er… I mean… wow, that yarn sure is pretty! What are you planning to make with it?

:woohoo: :present: :balloons:

AWESOME! Happy Birthday!! :slight_smile:

Happy birthday Jen :yay: Lovely yarn !

Belated Happy Birthday. Enjoy your new yarn :knitting:

Happy birthday.

If this is your first real yarn splurge you realize that it is all down hill from here. Tomorrow you are going to realize that your need that next size needle. While at YLS there is that new yarn. And then there that nifty new knitting bag.

You are on a slippery slope of fun and enjoyment. Enjoy your birthday yarn.

Well the Noro is hopefully going to be the bolero from the Mini Designer Knits book, and the cotton is for the ‘Hate Plastic :heart: Knit’ bag that’s in the latest issue of Simply Knitting magazine :mrgreen:

Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a fun one! :slight_smile:

Hi Jen

[B][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]HAPPY[/COLOR] [/B](BELATED :oops:) [B][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue]BIRTHDAY!!!

[/COLOR][/B][COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][COLOR=Black]That yarn is [B][COLOR=Magenta]seriously scrumptious[/COLOR][/B] - what’s the address of that shop?:slight_smile:

[B][COLOR=Orange]Warmest Wishes[/COLOR][/B]

Here’s the website --> The address is on there :mrgreen:


I love it! The Noro looks like recycled silk!

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