Birthday gift socks

I was thinking this morning that since I’ve been on Ravelry, I have not posted any FO’s here. Shame on me!!! Well, I am going to correct that right now!!!

I made these socks for a friend of mine. There is a nifty cable running up the side to lend interest.

The yarn is Fortissima Socka Cotton Color in turquoise stripe. The pattern is my own but I ALWAYS reference Silvers sock tutorial for the heels and toes.

I like the cable. Nice color. Wish I was brave enough to try socks.

They are lovely. :slight_smile: I too wish i was brave enough to try them.

I love them! I like the cable you

LOVE the socks!

I thought the same thing for MONTHS, but honestly if you just jump in, they’re not nearly as hard as I thought they would be. :slight_smile:

Very pretty! I like the bright turquoise color! :cheering:

Socks are not as hard as they seem. Silver’s Tutorial is awesome for first time sock knitters!

I agree 100%. The best advice I can ever give on socks (and I can give advice since I have knit several pairs) is this:
#2. Give it 2". It always feels awkward at first. Stick with it until your sock measures 2" and I promise it will feel much more natural!

Oh Chel I love the color way on your socks. I love making socks. It took me all summer to figure out how to make them. Silver’s sock tutorial wasn’t here yet. Anyways I did it and now I love doing socks. Chel your color striping is great! Is there a way to stop the jog?


To keep stripes from jogging slip the last knit stitch of the new color. It helps make it look even. Does that make sense?
For example, imagine this is my knitting…w is for white and b is for blue…x represents the slipped stitch.
My rounds are in white. Then in the center round, the yarn changes to blue. I continue around and when I get back to that point of my knitting where I am knitting blue yarn into the last white stitch on the needle, I slip the next blue stitch instead of knitting it. That makes it appear not to jog.

does that make sense or did I totally confuse you?

AND having said all that… I did NOT use that technique on these socks. My gauge was so tight it wasn’t readily apparent unless you looked super close so I let it go.

Wow! Those are so pretty! I want some too!

:happydance: They Look Great!!!

Wow! Those look so soft and cozy! Very nice job!

cute socks! i also love the color…so bright and cheery!

Cute socks! The cable is a nice touch.

They look great. :thumbsup:

Lucky friend! They look great.