Birthday Dinner - made by yours truly!

1/2 gallon of homemade peach/chipotle salsa from gorgeous peaches at local farmstand

a chicken fajita

homemade spanish rice

roasted corn, made from fresh corn found at local farmstand

corn tortillas from local Mexican market, fresh avocado, fresh tomatoes from local farmstand

queso fresco from local Mexican market

forgetting all about weight watcher points for just one night? PRICELESS!

Yum!!! Now I am hungry. Happy Birthday to you. :present:

Yummy, yummy! What time is dinner? So you think I can make a flight from Savannah to OK by then? :woot:

Also, I’m a WW on line user. Feel free to join our thread anytime. We are under recipe review. The thread is called COFFEE, TEA, and THEE and we post every day.


Happy Birthday, Monica, looks like you had yourself a great dinner!

Happy Birthday! :yay:

Wow! That looks sooo good. I wish I could cook like that. Happy Birthday!!!:balloons:

As a side note… great job on the weight loss!! You look fantastic in your new picture! :yay:

LOL! Did you think I wound up weighing 224lbs by accident?!

I love to cook! I don’t know whether I’m very good at it, but I love it! Now, I need to learn how to cook lighter, fresher, and healthier. (Birthday dinner put me 10 points over for the day! 10!! YIPES!)

Thank you so much for the invitation! I have not yet joined WW online, but I would love to check out your thread! (Love the tea reference, as you can imagine!)

It’s breakfast time for me and I am DROOLING! Everything looks great - course, Mexican is my absolute favorite food! Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! That dinner looks awesome. I LOVE mexican food! 10 points isn’t that bad all things considered. :thumbsup:

Yummy! and Happy Birthday!!

:balloons: HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! :present:

Here’s to many more! :clink:

It looks wonderful! And it’s still healthy, just count your points!