Birthday cake monstrosity

All from scratch.

Triple layer chocolate cake.
Sliced strawberries between the layers.
Cream cheese frosting.

All done by hand, too. No mixer etc.

For DH’s birthday. I know my frosting job is not “professional” but I did my best with 0 training. If my great grandma was alive, she could teach me. :’(

That looks delicious! Save me a piece, please. :wink:

Wow! I think you did an awesome job! :mmm:

YUM-MMMMMY! Looks gorgeous to me. Good job!


I bet your husband loved it!

P.S. I’m not a very good cake froster myself, but my husband is, so I’ve designated him the OFFICIAL cake (and cupcake) froster in this family. And to go along with his cake frosting abilities, he makes to-die-for frosting, too, from scratch–just one of the many reasons I married him (that and the fact that he cooks THE best fried shrimp I’ve ever eaten anywhere, plus a few thousand other reasons). What a lucky girl am I!

My dh rules at making pancakes. Pancakes are his job! :slight_smile:

Absolutely gorgeous. And did you say triple layer [I]chocolate[/I] cake? My kind of delicious. Your DH is a lucky guy.

I’ve been thinking: If that cake is a monstrosity, someone could make me very happy by presenting me with a monstrosity. Somehow I don’t think there will be any leftovers to toss!

YUM! Monstrously fattening perhaps :wink: , but your cake is beautiful!

I’m up half a pound today but…it was worth it. Lol