Birkeland Bros Yarn Shop, Vancouver BC

[b][color=red]Today I went downtown with hubby as he’s been on about surround sound for our family room’s new Plasma … I decided to take a list of wool shops and he said they’d all be in the vicinity as I am not overly familiar with downtown, having only lived here for two years … after he purchased the surround system, he was so thrilled with himself that I knew he wouldn’t mind what I spent at a wool shop!!! (I am not yet a full fledged knitter … just wait I say) … The closest one was Birkeland and I must say I was delighted with the service I received from a most charming young man … I did get some circular needles in a couple of sizes, some fluffy type of wool to make my daughter a scarf for Christmas and he gave me the proper sized needles to use and explained the various types of needles, said that you can steam the cord to make them less stiff … THEN I noticed they carry raw wool so I inquired about it for stuffing my handmade teddy bears … he took us to the back and explained the various qualities and colors … I left with three pair of needles, two balls of this fluffy scarf stuff and a bag of wool … I did find their prices high but what isn’t when you’re comparing to Michael’s but for specialty wools that I’m sure you can’t get at Michael’s, perhaps they are on par with other shops …

What are the other Vancouver shops like? (as I plan another trip over next week while hubby is off)

Toby (drowning in fluffy stuff)[/color][/b] :hug:

There’s another a ways further south down Main called Three Bags Full… they’re very new and don’t have a lot of different yarns (mostly high end stuff) but they do have a wall of cascade 220 at reasonable prices.

I’ve heard good things about Urban Yarns, but I’ve never managed to make it in.