BinkyKat's KnitterBox Needs to be Scooped

Hey there everyone! I am going to take a poke at this blogging phenomena… :wink: I think I will start out with a “Show me your Stash” topic…
Here’s a rough pic of one part of mine :shock: , still looking for a way to organize my “craft room” so I can have my own little retreat for crafts and relaxation :lol:
Feel free to visit the Knitter Box and scratch around a bit, I love dogs too but those that wander by, remember this box is not a cookie jar! :roflhard:

Can I hear an “ooooh aaaaah!”

OOOOO, aaaaaaahhhh!
Per Hildie, I’m gonna do a stash thread under general knitting so people see it easier… this could be fun! And justifying to any non understanding person’s :lol:

ooo that’s a lot of yarn!!!

Well, when I first got into knitting last summer, I went online and found this simple garter stitch blanket and hat pattern. I honestly think my brain has moved further ahead than my abilities so I feel funny finally finishing a project so simple when I am aspiring to branch out into something more difficult. Although, I do like the primitive simplicity of a lot of patterns I have seen. I really like Erika Knight’s and Debbie Bliss’ patterns for the elegant and simple lines they have. So… here’s a pic of my blanket. It was supposed to measure 30" x 28" and on the second knitting (I failed to swatch :oops: ) it was 30’ by 22" including the yarn left from the hat that I added on. Honestly, since my first try was shaped like Montana when you held it up by one edge, I am confident I did fine the 2nd time, I just needed more yarn. It’s a little more rectangular than square but my sister-in-law loved it and it will make a good thumby sucking blanky for my baby nephew. Just like his daddy had his “corna” (a nice wool blanket with good satin binding that he sucked the corners on so badly mom had to cut them off), hopefully this will be a nice comfortable toy.
I was knit in Suss Cotton with Suss fuzzy crocheted around the edge.

ooooh! I like it! That rainbow edge really makes it special.

Here is some yarn I bought when I was in Phoenix. I got it at Bonnie’s in Cave Creek. I was KIP’ing in the Minneapolis Airport before my flight in June and a nice lady I visited with preflight who had her own bag of yummy yarn told me about the place. She waited for me to deplane and asked me about the other baby blanket I was working on and told her about KH. :happydance:
This summer my eyes are so attracted to sherbet-y rainbow colors…

Oooo … I love the pretty colors in your Phoenix yarn! Whatcha gonna make with them? Have you picked anything yet?

And some sinfully DEEEEE-Lishious Lorna’s Laces Angel angora. I want to knit some wrist warmers I saw on KnittingPatternCentral. But these skeins looked so lovely displayed in a large flared drink glass at the shop I just love looking at them as is. I got them also in Phoenix and Jessica Knits and she wound them for me. :heart: :happydance: :heart:
They are about the size of tangerines as wound here…

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the Phoenix yarns… I notice now when I get something fun, I think of it as "I can always reuse this if I knit it into something and want to redo it later…"
Perhaps I’ll just be simple and do something on the accessory scarf avenue…
It was like being in a fine bakery, I just had to take home a little sample of something! :XX:

:drool: YUM!!

Hey bink, i posted this picture in the general forum on the pet thread, but I knew you’d want to have it for yourself in your blog, too :slight_smile:

The cat is laughing because he got into the yarn on your couch!

Yeah, and so is the Binkster…!
This is Binky the Kat in all his silliness… Hil, he looks a lot like Cheddar doesn’t he? :smiley:

He looks scary! :shock:

It’s all fake! He looks evil but is a widdle budgey boo… mama wuves yooo! (insert barfing smiley here…)
Here, is this better? :wink:

hahah. you should read my kitty songs on the chessy pet pics thread.

OMG! I just spent like an hour doing a 100 things list, went to hit submit and the page said it had expired, even though the preview worked!!! :help: thus my whole list got deleted!!!
I am NOT going to do that again!

sorry but i had to laugh! :roflhard: itsa known sickness of mine to laugh first then ask if they are ok.

but am truly sorry your list got deleted! :frowning: i know how painful it is to do one!

My sister in law say she has a hard time holding in a laugh when she sees someone fall down. and she’s such a quite little gal…
Me, I laugh when I fall down so at least I’m the first one to poke fun at what i did…
Note to self, if I ever do another one… I’ll type it in word and cut and paste. Gawd! :doh: