[size=5][color=violet]hi everyone, i am new to knitting and i need help binding off…i tried to do it, but it just comes loose again. I also need help with putting together two differnent pieces, lol, i tried that too and i ended up sewing whereever and it looks messy…thank you[/color][/size]
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Here is video on binding off. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to ask.

What are you putting together? That will give an idea of the best way to attach them.

[size=3][color=blue]thanks i just finished my second project (a belt with fringes) which i just made up and the binding went great…but my first project which i finished yesterday was suppossed to be a scarf which i made toooo wide…lol…so i turned it into a bag…and when i was putting it together, it looked messy on the sides… i need to know how to put something together from start to finish because my next project is thisfor my 7 month old daughter and i want it to be perfect…any suggestions?[/color][/size]

For most knitting that I sew together, I use the mattress

For things that just need the very edges connected, I go with this:

thanks… :smiley: but on the mattress seam video, at the beginning, the corner was not seamed together, why is that?

I think she just hadn’t gotten to that yet. You’d go all the way down. I think it was just a demonstration of how the whole thing pulls together.

okay great thanks for the help… :smiley: